How could a man armed with knowledge on the things people need to hear toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself?

How could a man armed with knowledge on the things people need to hear toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself?

*From “When the Levee Breaks” by Benjamin DeHaven We have a great blog stop this morning, but I also received a copy of a review from the publisher. While the rating was not high-(3 out of 5 stars-or 60% or *F-on this tough scale-Phew) I really liked what the reviewer had to say and wanted to include it. Along with another link to buy the book-or possibly win it on the GIVEAWAY on Writer Wonderland with @morgankwyatt and Hosted by: @GoddessFish


Kim Brooks (Reviewer) has just completed feedback for Confessions of a Self-Help Writer.

@KA_Brooks–I’m not sure if this is the correct Kim, if not I apologize.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Full Text: To be honest, I was torn between liking this book and thinking it was okay. There were a number of great passages throughout the book, whether they’re found in the writings of DeHaven or Enzo. What could’ve been a brilliant career in ghostwriting turned into a wave of destruction that took down everyone and everything close to Enzo.

After one of Enzo’s women gave him a journal, DeHaven sought to make sense of the portion of his life in which he’d been under Enzo’s spell. We, the readers, are then led through the twisted journey of Enzo’s descent, augmented by DeHaven’s own experiences. Some of the passages or anetdotes that come from either author entertained me or made me wonder how someone with such a grip on the things people need to hear could toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself. Even though DeHaven made it clear that he was using Enzo’s journals, passages from Enzo’s books and other relevant experiences, it was a little difficult to decipher exactly who was speaking when unless I paid close attention at the beginning of each chapter.

Despite the disjointed feeling I had while reading this, there was a clear story of a person’s life dissolving before his eyes. The more Enzo attempted to use his talents and strengths to make himself appear greater than he was, the further away from that very goal he moved. It was obvious the man had talent, but his own demons and little understanding of himself drove whatever good he might have accomplished away.

Definitely wasn’t a bad book, but simply took some time to read without confusion. Entertaining and unapologetic, Enzo was quite the character and one whom would have things his way or no way at all. Not sure to which genre of reader I’d recommend this book. It’s one of those books you simply have to read yourself in order to form your own opinion. You’ll either like it or hate it.

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