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How could a man armed with knowledge on the things people need to hear toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself?

How could a man armed with knowledge on the things people need to hear toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself?

*From “When the Levee Breaks” by Benjamin DeHaven We have a great blog stop this morning, but I also received a copy of a review from the publisher. While the rating was not high-(3 out of 5 stars-or 60% or *F-on this tough scale-Phew) I really liked what the reviewer had to say and wanted to include it. Along with another link to buy the book-or possibly win it on the GIVEAWAY on Writer Wonderland with @morgankwyatt and Hosted by: @GoddessFish



Kim Brooks (Reviewer) has just completed feedback for Confessions of a Self-Help Writer.

@KA_Brooks–I’m not sure if this is the correct Kim, if not I apologize.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Full Text: To be honest, I was torn between liking this book and thinking it was okay. There were a number of great passages throughout the book, whether they’re found in the writings of DeHaven or Enzo. What could’ve been a brilliant career in ghostwriting turned into a wave of destruction that took down everyone and everything close to Enzo.

After one of Enzo’s women gave him a journal, DeHaven sought to make sense of the portion of his life in which he’d been under Enzo’s spell. We, the readers, are then led through the twisted journey of Enzo’s descent, augmented by DeHaven’s own experiences. Some of the passages or anetdotes that come from either author entertained me or made me wonder how someone with such a grip on the things people need to hear could toss it all aside instead of truly making something of himself. Even though DeHaven made it clear that he was using Enzo’s journals, passages from Enzo’s books and other relevant experiences, it was a little difficult to decipher exactly who was speaking when unless I paid close attention at the beginning of each chapter.

Despite the disjointed feeling I had while reading this, there was a clear story of a person’s life dissolving before his eyes. The more Enzo attempted to use his talents and strengths to make himself appear greater than he was, the further away from that very goal he moved. It was obvious the man had talent, but his own demons and little understanding of himself drove whatever good he might have accomplished away.

Definitely wasn’t a bad book, but simply took some time to read without confusion. Entertaining and unapologetic, Enzo was quite the character and one whom would have things his way or no way at all. Not sure to which genre of reader I’d recommend this book. It’s one of those books you simply have to read yourself in order to form your own opinion. You’ll either like it or hate it.

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Don’t be scared to write trash, trash might be your voice!

Don’t be scared to write trash, trash might be your voice!

What are you going to tell us about today? from @CRMoss @GoddessFish 
* I’m offering some writing tips and sharing information about my book Confessions of a Self-Help Writer.
* Writing tips:
* Hire a great editor. Commit to write on a schedule like you are going to a job. Because you are. Find a book you hate and read genres you never would consider-never stop learning everything you can. Don’t ask, why is Danielle Steele selling a million books, she’s a terrible writer. Is She? Is Tucker Max a writer? They have sold a ton of books. Write and read what blows your hair back, but don’t be scared to write trash either. Tucker Max and Danielle sell a ton of books, because passion comes through a writer’s hand. Sure the writing is terrible, but it grabs people. It’s not all heaving bosoms and creamy thighs-(Howard Fast’s wife gave me that line). Something in those books keeps readers coming back. Something in there spoke to someone’s soul and if you are honest with yours it will come through. Find your own voice because you would be surprised how many people think exactly like you and wish they had the strength to tell a story. Don’t read books on writing—they are just another way for you to avoid work. That’s not entirely true, I think Stephen King’s book is amazing-just don’t over do it. The best tip I can give you is what my grandfather used to say to me, regardless of my new crazy passion was. He’d ask, “What’s stopping you?”

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Keep Lust, Marketability, and a Cross Section of America in Clear Site.

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“Humor is a must. I think you have to write for yourself, because you would be surprised how similar to the rest of the world you are and how they wish they had the strength to tell a story. You should be interacting and toying with the reader on occasion. If you are in fact brilliant, then you will need to tone it down- That has never been a problem for me. – Always give appreciation and links to work better than yours and that have inspired you. You must be as true as possible to the characters in the story, or the narrator’s voice.

No matter how shocking, or rude, or offensive-you have to free flow write exactly what’s on the tip of your tongue without a filter. I would also say lust, marketability, and a clear view at a huge cross section of America must always remain in plain site. You must offend at least one group of people at one point or another to be successful.”

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Keep Lust, Marketability, and a Cross Section of America in Clear Site.


If you hate Free Money and Books-Don’t click these links.

If you hate Free Money and Books-Don’t click these links.

Starting in a Few Hours. Goddess Fish Promotions is running an awesome Blog Tour for Confessions of a Self-Help Writer (The Journal of Michael Enzo). These are the links to a few of the amazing blogs that were kind enough to host information, ask great questions, and even sometimes show a cover, but always offer to giveaway Amazon gift Cards and some signed Hardcover books. *If we are already friends on Facebook, or Twitter, or you have seen some fun youtube interviews–You are already registered for free-but to confirm, you need to see one of these sites and click to confirm on the day listed below. Who knows-you might actually find some other cool things to see! But if you hate free Money and books, then just keep watching those virtual cat videos and please disregard!

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Re-Question your relationship with God-and Jay Z!

Author Ben DeHaven is interviewed on WKKC-FM 89.3 MHz City Colleges of Chicago Chicago, Illinois “The New Sound of Soul” Radio Kennedy – King College